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10 Tips for Selling A Home in Minnesota Without A Realtor

Are you thinking about going through the home selling process alone? Well, let Roxie the Realtor give you some motherly advice. Look, I get that you don’t want to give your hard earned equity away. You may not think realtors do much more than place a sign in the yard, put it on the MLS, and pray that it sales. Trust me though, there’s a lot more going on than that.

Read my tips below for the brave souls listing their homes for sale by owner. Since I am not the average realtor, I am going to help with a step-by-step guide. I believe in educating everyone, even if there is nothing in it for me.

The most important thing to know is that selling a home involves more than just buying a sign. It is all about creating a buzz.

Tip 1: Take good photos.

If you want to sell your house, take photos that showcase it well. Before prospective buyers schedule a showing, they will look at the photos. If it looks good online, it is more likely to attract buyers. Similarly, bad photos will put people off.

Tip 2: Create videos.

Photos are great, but video is even better. With a video, buyers can get a walk through and envision themselves in your home. Video increases exposure and as I said at the beginning, you want to create a buzz.

Tip 3: List online.

Make sure your home is listed on all the big home search engines and applications like, Zillow, and Trulia. While listing is a necessity, it’s not enough on its own.

Tip 4: Describe creatively.

When listing online, you have an opportunity to write a description of your home. Avoid just listing the specs. People can find that elsewhere. Write a story to accompany the photos and video that will have people excited. Think of who you imagine will buy your home and write a description for them. Is it in an amazing school district, by the best restaurant, or near public transportation? Highlight the good qualities that appealed to you when you bought it.

Tip 5: Include all information.

You want to ensure the property information is listed completely and correctly. Make sure the bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and HOA fees are included.

Tip 6: Price right.

In the first few weeks, your home is on the market it will attract the most attention. Take advantage of this window by pricing strategically. Don’t let your home accumulate too much time on the market so research what is competitive in your neighborhood and go from there.

Tip 7: Stage it.

Before you show your home, make sure it is staged well. Get rid of your clutter, clean it up, and try to neutralize it as much as possible. You want potential buyers to see their lives in your home rather than getting a peek at yours.

Tip 8: Get strong signage.

If you invest in enough signage, everyone in your neighborhood will know your home is for sale. Your neighbors are a huge asset. Everyone knows someone looking to buy. Word of mouth can work in your favor.

Tip 9: Create a marketing plan.

Don’t just rely on signage, create urgency and advertise your open house far and wide. You want people to know how valuable your property is. Use social media platforms and creative phrasing.

Tip 10: Offer incentives.

Incentivize buyers by offering an extra point of commission. Statistically, this extra commission motivates buyer agents to show your home. Data also suggests that incentivizing improves the offer price.

My final word of wisdom is this: Did you know that homes listed with realtors sell for roughly $46,000 more than those listed without?

Going at it alone can be difficult and overwhelming. If you change your mind or just want some more advice,. You will want to hire an agent that is energetic, knowledgeable, confident, and fun. Plus, I am one hell of a negotiator at the closing table.

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