Roxie Knight


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“Grandma” Roxie, The Realtor.

An energetic approach to real estate.

Relocating, moving, or investing in real estate is only stressful when you are unprepared. Preparation and experience are EVERYTHING when it comes to real estate.
Yea you heard me, unprepared, let me explain….
-So you found the house you want to buy on Zillow and decided to go at it alone and are pulling your hair out at the last house because your lender isn’t ready.
You decided to buy a house without first speaking to a lender and now you’re not happy that your payment is so high. Your significant other loves the house and now your bank account can’t afford it.
You decide to list your home and listed it way too high because you were shooting for the stars. Now it’s been on the market over 60 days and you can’t pay anyone to come see it.
Over the years I have learned a lot, but the biggest lesson I learned is that true wisdom is only gained with real life experiences.
Hi, I’m Grandma Roxie The Realtor and I help buyers and sellers make very reliable & relaxing real estate decisions.
Grandma Roxie has seen it, trust me.
After being in this business since 2001,
being a loving grandma to 11 grand kids,
gone through a divorce,
got engaged again only to split up again,
I’ve seen it all. Heck, my last name has changed in 3 times, but you know what that’s life.
It’s what we all have in common, growing old gracefully. I’m not ashamed of anything in my past because I have learned over the years that it’s those very life experiences that has led me to my place today.
So what’s a grandma got to do it…
EVERYTHING because experience matters. As in my personal life, I have also seen it all in real estate.
Being in the business for almost 30 years has given me an unfair competitive advantage over my competition.
Did you live through a recession in real estate…yes, 3 times?
It’s that experience that allows me to give my clients the proper advice regardless of their situation. I run my business pretty simple…
I’ll never put you in something that’s not a financially wise decision.
I’ll never tell you what you want hear, but what you need to hear.
Does your grandma lie to you? Probably not! And yea just to answer what I know you are thinking, I’m still full of energy so don’t go pull any of that old person stuff on me. Truth is I’m probably a better marketer than you!
And I ride a Harley…..
So if you are looking for a reliable and relaxing approach to real estate full of wisdom, then don’t call your grandma. Call Grandma Roxie The Realtor…