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Twin Cities Pain Clinic Done A Little Differently- Let’s Stretch!

I am so excited to introduce you to StretchLab!

Now, you may be wondering what the heck is a stretch lab? I know you have heard of stretch limousines, stretching a dollar, and I bet you have a pair of stretchy pants.

You may also be familiar with tight shoulders, sore hamstrings, or neck tension. Does any of that ring a bell? If so, you are going to want to hear about this cool company.

The super inviting staff at StretchLabs, Shawn, Jim and, Kylene, showed me around and stretched me out. Because no two bodies are the same, no two stretches will be either. The one-on-one stretch they offer is customized just for you. If you have a specific area of soreness or pain, they can focus on improving flexibility in that part of your body.

Shawn brought this innovative business to the Minneapolis area because he knows that we all need to stretch out our muscles, but no one can seem to find the time.

Shawn loves that StretchLab benefits all ages and fitness levels. Even though stretching seems like a simple thing, not all of us know how to do it properly. Most of us are familiar with massages. While what they offer is not a massage, the benefits are long lasting and relaxing. You will notice how good your back, hips, and core will feel after the StretchLab team gets done with you!

The team has years of experience that helps them read your body and assess what you need to get an expert stretch. With their help, you can push a little further and open up your muscles in a way that you can’t do on your own.

You’d be surprised what a good stretch can do! I felt invigorated, energized, and relaxed. Stretching is key to living a longer and healthier life. Visiting StretchLab can improve sports performance, increase range of motion, help posture and decrease stress.

They offer both one-on-one stretching with their certified Flexologists as well as group stretches.

Reclaim the freedom to move as you want with StretchLab.

2700 Annapolis Circle Suite C. Plymouth, MN 55441

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