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Why Won’t My House Sell?

Why won’t my house sell? What’s going on? Is it the pictures? Is it the video? Maybe the sign isn’t big enough! These are thoughts and questions that a lot frustrated homeowners ask themselves and think about. If you look in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) you’ll see thousands of properties that sit on the market each year without finding a buyer! The goal of this page is to show you how your home doesn’t end up like one of them!

This page is going to show you exactly how to avoid owning the “house” that nobody wants to buy.

Now, you wont see or hear this from many agents. But trust Roxie the Realtor, and don’t hire a Realtor, fight the urge!…You need to hire A Marketer With A Real Estate License! Keep reading this page first so you can see why!

The video at the bottom of this page will show you how to properly position and market a property for sale THE RIGHT WAY. After you watch the video you will be asking yourself, when will my house sell vs. why won’t my house sell.

Usually when a property does not sell, it’s either because of the way the property was positioned, its price, or a combination of the two.  Every situation is different, but the one thing I can tell you is that it can be fixed!

Putting your house listing online does not guarantee your sale.

The success of your sale is how you are positioned online.  

Your property’s online presentation is the most important component in selling your home.  Your online presentation is how your home is viewed by the public. I’ll also refer to this as “positioning”. It’s how you “position” your home online to the public that creates urgency.  It’s no different than if we were selling a physical product.

Is it a good deal?

Is it in a good location?

What are the lifestyle benefits of living here?

Will the pictures tell the story?

Do you have a video? Does the video showcase the property well

What in your online presentation makes someone want to jump off their couch and schedule a showing today?

The best way to show you how to do this is by giving you an example. Let’s see what I’m talking about…

Example-Roger’s Home

In this example of a house listing that is incorrectly positioned.  The seller contacted us through a referral and the first words out of his mouth was, “Roxie, why won’t my house sell?”.

The property was listed for over 250 days and was located in a very popular neighborhood. Roger’s family was growing and really REALLY needed to move! But unfortunantely they were stuck. Does this sound familiar? Let’s visit 3 “positioning scenarios” and see what went wrong.

Pricing Positioning-

Nobody wants to buy the house that sat on the market FOREVER.  I would advise against ever letting a property sit on the market for longer than 90 days because it’s an invitation for buyers to submit a low ball offer that will only make things worse and you angry.  In our market, I think 30-45 days of market time is too long.

This property had a market time of over 250 days! This is the first problem. You must do a price adjustment to see how the market responds to a new price. You know you’re getting close when people start calling to get an appointment to come see it.

In this example we need to erase the previous market time so we wait about 2 weeksand then re-listing it. We need to give the property some breathing room so when we re-listed, it appeared NEW. We list at $214,900.  This was only a $5,000 price change from when it was previously listed at $219,900.

How can you negotiate without knowing what your bottom line is? If you know that $215,000 is probably on the higher end of what buyers are willing to pay, and as seller who is taking a big loss on the property,every dollar counts!  We sit on the market for roughly 3 weeks.  We start getting showings and even received a second showing, but no offers.  At this point, I must take into consideration the market time of the property so I don’t accumulate too much of it. This is a large part of how Roger got burnt the first time.

We had a pre-planned pricing strategy done up front. In this situation I know I could sell the property in the upper 190’s but not exactly sure on exactly how much.  After 3 weeks on the market I must make the recommenation drop just below $200,000 to reach the entire market who were limiting their search up to $200,000. (Whole new audience of home buyers)

When you reposition your price like this you will reach a new audience who was not previously seeing your listing as ALL online search is typically done in $25,000-$50,000 increments.

So as you can see we’re testing the higher price point with our marketing plan. I gave my sellers my honest opinion on what would happen if we remained at current price. The beauty of having an online marketing plan is that you can test everything. You can see how many views, clicks, and other measured responses a property has. You have to trust the data and adjust to it.

We don’t create the market and can only react to it, so that’s what we did.

Because we gave the seller a net sheet itemizing their closing costs that they were able to see what dollar amount they would need to bring to closing if we did lower price to $199,900 and it was no where near the $50,000 they were prepared to bring. The property sold at $198,900 in 3 days after the price change. This is pricing positioning.

Description Positioning-Roger’s Home Example

I always say that your first showing is ONLINE, the second showing is when they set an appointment. So to make that work, we need to speak to our potential buyer.  I knew the buyer for this particular house was going to come from, a  commuter, or they would love being out in the country. It’s the same strategy big brands use to target their audience and sell their products except we are doing it for real estate.

One of the biggest mistakes agents make, is they use many of their listing remarks to describe the interior of the house, and not the benefits of living there. Your description should speak directly to lifestyle benefits of living in that property since pictures and videos can tell the story of what the inside of the property looks like. The buyers should be able to imagine themselves in the home. These are the types of remarks I would use!

PRICED TO SELL! Recent gut rehab w/all the upgrades galore. Ultra convenient location. Super bright unit feels brand new w/ exposed brick,featuring hardwood floors throughout, cherry cabs, Stainless Steel appliances, granite c-tops, 3 large bedrooms and both baths completely upgraded. Nice size deck off living room for grilling & outdoor space!

You want to make sure every bit of information is properly filled out and relayed online! That’s description positioning!

Marketing Positioning-Roger’s Home Example

The best way to create exposure online is to make it look good and have both pictures and videos!

Your pictures should show off the main selling features, while your video can give potential buyers and overall flow. Taking many shots of the house can make it look much bigger and appealing online!

Here is an example of a  property video we recently shot. Not only do we optimize these for search on YouTube, people love them and we have seen a direct correlation on the number of showings for properties with videos as opposed to no videos!

Facebook Ads

I also targeted our ideal buyer through Facebook ads. This is an example from another Just listed Facebook ad we ran.  Facebook allows you to target your exact ideal audience, which makes it very effective.

For example I place our ads in front of people who fit the criteria of the ideal property buyer.  We can target people who are “likely to move” on Facebook and place our ads in front of people who are in the market.

In just under a week’s time I can create thousands of video views of your home. This is important to do once a property is just listed and to focus around an open house to create urgency.

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